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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ahhhh...I love Friends and Baking, So Naturally the Two Go Great Together!

What else could be better than singing, smiling, creating, and eating raw cookie dough? Only when you add friends to the deal! Today Emiko and I had the best time making pies and cookies over at our friends' house. Emiko and Brooke are practically best friends, they are so adorable together and play so incredibly well. It's unbelievable how quiet they are. It's easy to become suspicious from the lack of noise! But, alas, when you check on them they are playing school and creating homework for one another! Ahhh...if only her teacher could see her; she would be so proud (I know I am!).

Bridget and I have been friends for a few years now and I appreciate her more and more all the time. She is such a kick in the pants and I love hanging out with her. She is an excellent cooking partner, she doesn't mind cleaning up my gigantic messes and we navigate through the kitchen together like we've been doing it all of our lives. I'm not exactly a slacker, but she definitely out performs me in the sink at least 2:1. ;)

The only thing that could possibly have made the day better would have been more time. Next year is already being planned and (I am so excited) will take place in her NEW house! I can't wait to get my hands on her double oven! I am so jealous...Oh well, maybe she'll let me break it in! Cookies, cakes, pies, rolls, I just don't know where to start!

Thanks for a great time Digit (hehehe) and also to you too Cookie (Brookie), it was the best!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


How to Pray
By Insight for Living Pastoral Ministries

Prayer. The word draws a variety of mental images. A man with a shawl draped over his head hums Hebrew prayers from a tattered book. A minister in a tailored suit raises his arms and shouts his prayers before the congregation. A small child kneels beside her bed, reciting a nighttime prayer.

Whatever your perception of prayer, one common element remains true. Prayer is talking with God.

Sounds simple, doesn't it? However, prayer doesn't always come that naturally to us. We can feel awkward talking to someone we can't see or hear. How do we address God? What do we say? And what's the point, anyway? Does prayer really accomplish anything?

These are important questions. To answer them, let's first take a deeper look at the nature of prayer.

What is Prayer?

Prayer is making deliberate contact with God in word or thought. It is the voice of faith, whose whisper can be felt across the street or across the world. It is what pries us from our seats as spectators and places us as active participants with God. Prayer expresses itself in many ways:

* an outpouring of praise
* a confession of wrong
* a request for help
* a declaration of need
* a statement of thanks
* intercession for others

What Does the Bible Say about Prayer?

Through prayer, we draw near to God with confidence (Hebrews 4:16); ask, seek, and knock at the door of His generosity (Matthew 7:7-8); release anxiety (Philippians 4:6-7); and gain wisdom (James 1:5). Prayer is the discipline of mind that is always appropriate for our needs (Ephesians 6:18). And it is the way we align ourselves with the Lord to see as He sees and want what He wants.

Prayer is, in fact, such an invaluable discipline that we are urged to "pray without ceasing" (1 Thessalonians 5:17). This doesn't mean non-stop verbal praying-it means an attitude of prayer. As one student of Scripture put it, "It means rather to live with Christ in such a way that you can talk with Him, or listen to Him at any moment." There should be nothing between your soul and the Savior. Praying without ceasing is consciously living each moment in the presence of Christ.

Why Is Prayer Important?

First, prayer is important because it refocuses our perspective. Without prayer, we see only the visible; with prayer, God shows us the hidden dimensions of life.

Second, it quiets our fears and calms our nerves. We may come to prayer fearful and anxious, but when we give our worries to the Lord, we come away calmed and assured (Philippians 4:6-7).

Third, prayer transfers our burdens. It takes the big load we've been carrying and shifts it to the shoulders that can handle its weight (Matthew 11:28-29; 1 Peter 5:7).

Fourth prayer upholds others who are in need. It is the way we help bear one another's burdens and lift them to the One who knows best.

How Do I Pray?

It follows that Jesus, who is our spiritual guide, is the master of prayer. "Lord, teach us to pray," the disciples asked Him once when He returned from His prayers (Luke 11:1). Jesus taught them by using a model prayer . . . the Lord's Prayer, it has been called. Actually, it could be called The Disciple's Prayer, because it was meant as a teaching tool for learners like us.

Pray to the Heavenly Father. And He said to them, "When you pray, say: 'Father . . . .'" (v. 2). Jesus doesn't tell us to call God, "Friend," as though we are equal with Him. Or "King," as though we were one of the masses. Our relationship is that of child to parent.

Pray with a Reverent Attitude. "'Father, hallowed be Thy name'" (v. 2). When we approach our heavenly Father, we are approaching a hallowed Person. We must keep in mind whom we're talking to-the Father, yes, but also the holy Sovereign of the universe, who has a glorious plan for His creation.

Pray with a Submissive Heart. "'Thy kingdom come'" (v. 2). Here we acknowledge that His plan for the world and for our lives surpasses our own plans. We come glorying His name and submitting ourselves to His agenda, not demanding our own.

Pray for Daily Needs. "'Give us each day our daily bread'" (v. 3). Jesus gives us permission to be practical. He invites us to pray for our physical necessities-food, clothing, shelter. The Father wants us to depend on Him each day for life's essentials.

Pray for Spiritual Cleansing. "'And forgive us our sins'" (v. 3). What food is to the body, forgiveness is to the soul. To receive cleansing of sins, simply ask.

Pray for Purity. "'Lead us not into temptation'" (v. 4). Jesus isn't implying that God tempts us. This is a prayer for God's protection from Satan's insidious traps. Each day, Jesus is saying, pray that the Lord will remind you of your vulnerable areas, guard your eyes, guide your thoughts, and keep you pure.

Does Prayer Work?

Does prayer really make a difference? If God is in control of all the events in the world, does it matter whether we pray?

Scripture consistently teaches us that prayer works. "The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much," James writes (James 5:16b). Prayer does change things-it certainly changes us!

Prayer is a tool that God uses to accomplish His will on earth. It has meaning because God gives it meaning-not because our efforts make it work. God does not need our prayers to accomplish His will. Yet He chooses to work through our prayers to accomplish His will, which begs the question: Why? Why would God, who has ultimate power over His creation, choose to work through our prayers?

The ultimate reason for prayer is relationship. As we pray, we get to know God in a way that would not have been possible otherwise. Through prayer, we slip our hand into God's hand as He moves mountains. Of course, He could have moved those mountains without us, but He wants us to feel a sense of partnership with Him. And that "togetherness" with God through prayer will change your life!

Further Suggestions. To get started, set aside a few minutes every day for focused prayer time. Record your prayers in a journal, where you can track God's answers. Meet with another believer regularly for prayer. And be sensitive to the prompting of God's Spirit. When He brings to mind someone in need, pray for that person.
For further examples of prayer in Scripture, please read the passages below. And may God bless you in your desire to draw closer to Him in prayer.

Worship: Psalm 92:5

Confession: Psalm 51:1-4

Dedication: 2 Chronicles 6:40-42

Intercession: 1 Timothy 2:1-8

Spiritual Warfare: Ephesians 6:12, 18

Fasting: Acts 14:23

Thanksgiving: Philippians 4:6

Healing: James 5:13-15
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Daily Inspiration
We can live several weeks without food, days without water, and only minutes without oxygen. But without hope-forget it.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Call to Serve

This summer the Lord used many people to teach me about the importance of service. It began early in April when a few days after Chloe’s birthday party, my close friend and long-time mentor became ill. Nancy was told she had perhaps 4 weeks to live, so with that knowledge and a hope that the doctor’s were wrong, we set out praying for God to heal her. Being who I am, I have a hard time accepting negative truths, and somewhere in me I just knew things would be fine. After all, Nancy had been sick off and on for many years; she was extremely obese, diabetic and had already had 2 heart surgeries by this time. So, for her to be using the last of her supposed nine lives, just didn’t seem possible. I knew she would be fine, but still the reality of the doctors’ words made me nervous.

At this time, I knew about service and making sacrifices to help others, but to me, service was something you did when you had time, or when God gave you the opportunity. It didn’t mean dropping everything and pouring out your life to meet someone else’s needs. So while Nancy was ill, I spent the days I was able, sitting by her bed side and sharing life with her. Since I had childcare on Wednesday’s, this was my easy and obvious day for me to hang out with her and catch up on all her news and see if there was anything special I could do for her--something simple that didn't require a lot of sacrafice, like a special meal. Physical contact with her, hugs, foot rubs, etc. were difficult, since her condition required all visitors to wear head to toe gowns, masks and gloves. I even had to change my clothes before I could come home. Somehow, this barrier made it difficult for me to draw physically close to her and I was always cautiously aware of the risks of visiting her. With this in mind, imagine my surprise and guilt stained heart when a mutual friend of ours, April, would attend to her without any reservations in the slightest. It didn’t bother her to touch, hug, rub or kiss her (without even wearing the required physical protection). April’s openness began to convict my heart and I began to realize how withdrawn I had become.

After several months of April attending to Nancy’s every need, staying with her night and day and sleeping with her at the hospital every night, I began to see what true service was really all about. Then, by the grace of God, Nancy lived a few weeks longer than expected and long enough for James’ job to end for the summer. This extra time, allowed me to spend the last two days of Nancy’s life by her bedside, along with April and another mutual friend of all of ours, Patty. It was the night before Nancy was to pass away that Patty and I had the most wonderful spiritual conversation about service and providing for others, being the hands and feet of Jesus, if you will. I told her how touched and humbled I was to have witnessed April live out her faith and love for the Lord, by caring for Nancy so tenderly. We talked about the true meaning of Christianity and the fruits of our walk and I began to feel guilty that this sacrificial offering of myself didn’t come so easy. Sure, I was willing to provide, to serve, to love, but sacraficially? Could I have sat by her bed for so long and cared for her with such affection, clearly not, since I was having a difficult time attending to her physical needs during the short spurts I would visit. I knew I wanted to offer more of myself, but I wasn’t sure I could actually do it.

Then, another close friend of mine who had developed brain cancer, the same week that Nancy was first hospitalized, was growing increasingly worse. Less than 4 weeks after Nancy had passed away, Annie went to sleep in the Lord as well. This time, however, God gave me the grace to be the hands of feet of Jesus for Annie. No, not much of what I did came naturally. It was difficult for me to care for her hygiene without feeling awkward, but I had determined that I would not allow my feelings to step in the way of my service to her. I would care for her the way God had allowed April to care for Nancy. I felt a desperate need to love on her, as if it would somehow make up for the lack of care I provided Nancy. So, for more than a week, I stayed by her side, slept in her room, and tenderly cared for her as if she were the only person in the world. I gave my family into the care of their father, and stepped back from life and saw an amazing chain of service take place before my eyes. I witnessed how others were ministering to me, so I could spend my days with Annie. James sacrificially, and without reservation, gave me all the time I needed and wanted to be with Annie. It wasn’t until after Annie had died that I realized how much James had sacrificed for me. His sacrafices allowed me to spend as much time with Annie as I needed. Others served our family as well, allowing James and I the opportunity to spend time with her together. I felt a confidence and peace in knowing that I could call on others to assist me in this time of need. And, it was through the service of others, that I realized how desperately I wanted to live my faith in a tangible and meaningful way. I wanted to be the hands and feet of Jesus and passionately wanted to serve His children.

As a final thought, I challenge you to remember that life has many seasons; times when we are full and maybe even overflowing, and times when we are weak or in need. God doesn’t always call us to serve in the same capacity, for some he uses our time, for others our talents, and still for others our finances, but God does desire for us to serve. Nonetheless, however, there will be times in your life when it is time to acknowledge your need to be served. And though it can be difficult to humble yourself and receive the care of others, I pray you would allow others to be the hands and feet of Jesus, for you.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Why am I conservative?

This is a great video with a lot of truth about this election and the differences between the candidates.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Monday, October 13, 2008

San Diego 2008

Here are some pictures from our trip to San Diego.

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

October: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

At this time, I would like to pay a special honor to those whose lives have been touched in one way or another by breast cancer. Please do your part to stay safe: know your breasts (by performing regular self-breast exams) so you can detect any changes, see your doctor regularly and get a yearly mammogram. To those who are presently fighting the battle, I pray you will experience God's hand of healing and that your friends and family will be the hands and feet of Jesus for you as you courageously fight to save your life.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


ok, so my friend Rachel picked up my daughter, Emiko, and they made the BEST cookies I have ever had. I am not kidding. I literally ate 20 or more of them yesterday--I am so on a diet for the next two weeks! I come!

Wow! If you like peanut butter, you will LOVE these (and they are gluten free for all you ciliac's out there!). Enjoy! Thanks Rachel, you are never allowed to come over again (unless you bring those cookies!). Here's the recipe:

Oatmeal Peanut-Butter Chocolate-Chip Cookies


½ cup butter
1 18-oz jar peanut butter
1½ cups sugar
1½ cups brown sugar
4 eggs
2½ teaspoons baking soda
6 cups rolled oats
1 tsp vanilla
1 6-oz pkg. chocolate chips

Mix ingredients and drop by spoons (or roll into balls) onto an ungreased cookie sheet. Bake at 350° ~20 minutes.

(Isn't she a gorgeous chef!?!)

Friday, September 26, 2008

First Day of School!

I love to see my kids get excited, especially when it comes to school! Both of my girls are going to school this year; Emiko all day now and Chloe, only a few hours a week. I can't believe how fast time trots (runs, actually) by. I so love my girls and pray they will always hold me close to their hearts as well. Have a great year beautiful's! I love you and I hope you always know that!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Children are God's Precious Gift...

Children. Their lives are so precious and their hearts are so HUGE. It never ceases to amaze me when I watch the little ones play, how special and unique each one of them are. Sometimes a sad situation reminds me (us) how precious they are, and how much we love to see them run, play, and live happy, healthy lives. Please take the time to praise the Lord for your precious ones and pray for those who are ill. As you are praying, please lift up Max's family as they are at the hospital right now with their 4 year old son who has developed complications from e-coli. Please pray for God's intervention and if you'd like, visit their blog for the latest updates and prayer needs for Max and his family. God bless.
Max's Journey

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Last Lecture...Randy Pausch

If you were given the opportunity to speak one last lecture before you died, what would you say? Randy was given that chance. Find out what he had to say. Click here. The Last Lecture.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Cornwall Church MOPS

As long as you are a Cornwall Church MOPS mom and know the username and password, you are welcome to check out the amazing new blog put together by my talented, and might I say, beautiful, girlfriend, Shawn Ellars. It's full of all kinds of helpful information and will prove to be a valuable mothering tool, of that I am sure!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Two days ago I had a day. It started off by Chloe showing off in front of one of my friends--showing off would be one thing, but for Chloe, showing off involves mega screaming, running, yelling and generally wild behavior (she always puts on her worst self in front of this person; who is older and already sort of proper to begin with (if she weren't a really good friend I'd hate to know what she'd think about us). After which she proceeded to sit on her lap, grab and point at her breasts and inquire, "Are these your nickles? Does everybody have nickles?" My friend's face turned a lovely shade of white and since she obvioulsy was extremely uncomfortable, I quickly piped in with, "Yes, everybody has nipples. Why don't you go off and play." Perhaps this wasn't the wisest thing to say. She decided to do a bit more showing off, this time screaming and throwing everything from out of the dresser drawers in her bedroom; it literally looked as if a tornado had hit the room. Then ran out of the room and screamed, 'look at my room! Look at my room!' So, I calmy (not internally, but trying nonetheless), told her she had to clean up her room before she could come out and join us. So I closed the door (big mistake) and left her alone (biiiiiiiiggggggg mistake). Several minutes later, she was waaayyyyyy tooooo quiet, so I went in to check on her. Well, let's just say, brooms are not meant to sweep up poop, toy brooms, or otherwise. Nevertheless, she did and tried to hide the evidence. She wrapped up the poop in her ballet skirt. Then covered it with the shutters from her dollhouse and stuffed it in the first floor of the dollhouse; leaving the broom and a shirt, used as a rag, in a pile by the glassdoors (I hope glass doors don't prove to be a mistake too). Oh great, another thing I hadn't thought about until now... :0 Anyhow, I walked in the room, which absolutely stunk like crazy, and said,'where's the poop?' She proceeded to show me the broom, the shirt (by the way, as a side note, she had used a different shirt the day before as a toilet, I guess she thought pooping on the shirt was better than pooping on the floor; again, closing her door during time-out proved to be a big mistake!), and the poop stuffed in the dollhouse. I was so mad, but held it together so as to not draw attention to the massive disgusting disaster in her room, and proceeded to throw everything away, dollhouse (cleaned it and put it out at the road, along with all the play parts--it's too much of a poop attraction--this is not the first time this has happened, but certainly will be the last). So I get all the poop cleaned up. First, I scrub the swept up poop off the floor (which by now has dried onto the floor), dispose of the broom and shirt and throw (not literally) Chloe in the tub. Then, when we get everything cleaned up, my friend leaves, and I think certainly my day can't get any worse. Wrong!

I think Chloe must have known I had a lot to do that day to get ready to leave for the night with James at a board retreat (stayed at Bellwether, Chloe home with sitter all night--first time, poor lady, but that's a whole nother story, hope she'll come back again some day). So I proceed to go through my check list of things to do, one of which was to clean my house; it wasn't noticeably dirty, but felt dirty (you know what I mean). Anyway, washed sheets, so Laurel could sleep in a clean bed, dusted the room so she could breathe, etc. Then it occurred to me that Chloe was being awfully quiet. Suddenly I heard Emiko scream, 'Mom! You have got to come here!' Oh, great, now what...Well, I walked into Sayo's bedroom (the room that will be a bathroom someday), and almost cried. She had hucked everything around, the two puzzles I got from Nancy (550 pieces and 300 pieces) all strewn around the room, the Costco size box of Cup-O-Noodles (still closed, fortunately, no noodles went flying), Costco size bag of toilet paper, and then I see my 25 pound bag of rice. Now try to picture this, I have no idea how she did it, the 25 pound bag of rice was upside down, with the clip off (which had been used to seal it) and not one grain of rice was on the floor. Well, I saw the clip, but since there was no rice on the floor and the bag had been opened from the bottom to begin with, leaving the rice label in the correct orientation, I didn't realize it was open and proceeded to pick up the bag to move it; 25 pounds of rice came pouring out on to the floor. Oh, I tell you, I said things...things I shouldn't have said (almost a shout really)...'You are in so much trouble! If you ever thought you were in trouble, you have no idea! You are in so much trouble that I can't believe it!!!! Go to your room, don't come out. I don't want to see you!' Nasty, I know. Lost it, completely lost it...well, not completely, but close. So I put as much of the top layers of rice back in the bag as I could, then vaccumed up the remaining number of pounds(thank goodness James fixed the vaccum cleaner that morning before he left or I would have really been up a creek). Come to think of it, I haven't emptied the bag, do you think mice will notice and try to get inside my cleaner? Oh brother, another thing I didn't consider. Honestly, the bag is so full now, I really should empty it. It's just that at that particular moment, and until now, I just couldn't give it any thought, haven't had any time.

Ok, so I clean up Sayo's room, and God sends me an angel. My girlfriend Christina calls. 'Hi Shari, how are you?' 'well' I say, 'I am ok,' (with exasperation in my voice). 'What's going on' she asks? So I tell her and bless her heart, her own two kids are taking a nap and are at home with Dad, so she says, 'well, I am going into town, do you want me to pick up Chloe and bring her with me?' 'Do I want you to?', I ask. 'Hello! That would be great! Are you really sure? She's being a pistol today!' 'Yep' she says. Ahhh, fortunately for me, she has a Chloe of her own too, Jayden, (will be three in September). Suddenly, Emiko chimes in, 'Can I go?' 'No' I say, thinking to myself, I don't want to totally torture someone who is willing to take my wildebeast shopping (smiling as I write this, she sure is something else; but fortunately (for both of us), she's irresistably precious). Christina hears her and says, 'Emi's so easy, I can take her too if you'd like.' 'Really? That would be awesome!' Emiko is easy, there's no question, but Chloe is harder when she's with sissy than when she's alone. One on one, she's a gem to take shopping, but her energy level increases mega-fold when other kids (not just sissy) are around. So I tell Emiko she can go and the Niagara Falls she has created from her tears stops flowing. Christina and I hang up and Emiko begins frantically asking me when she will be here, 'I don't know' I say, but in my head I am hoping it will be soon! Emi gets ready, grabs the bag of money she has been saving (incidentally, she bought the pink swimming googles she had been saving up for) and happily goes shopping with Christina. Well, needless to say, I got my house clean and dinner made for the kids and babysitter (homemade whole wheat pasta noodles and spaghetti with vegetarian meatballs--or cracker balls as they are now known--I have to spoil the babysitter if she's ever going to come back again!) just as they were pulling back in the driveway. Oh, I was in such better spirits, now all I needed was a shower, to paint my nails (priorities!) and to get ready to leave in an hour. Fortunately, Chloe must have known I had endured enough torture for the day, and the rest of the hour went fairly uneventful (the car seat and a pull-up are glorious inventions!). I certainly wasn't going to leave her alone in her room while I was in the bathroom. Whew...Anyway, the rest of the evening is a whole nother story and I certainly hope Laurel will come back to babysit again, bless her heart; she and her husband have adopted my girls as their Bellingham grandchildren, since their own grandchildren live far away and our original Bellingham Grandma, Annnie, has passed away. They sure are wonderful people. Let's just say that they (especially Laurel, since she was mostly flying single that night, with a badly sprained ankle) earned and deserved the bottle of wine and truffles, both of which were a gift to us for attending the board retreat--works great since I am not a drinker and don't need any more chocolate! and the latte she received the next morning. Actually, she deserves much more than that, but that will have to come later.

Ahhhh, life, I love it. My smile is so big right now and my chuckle so cheery just thinking about these moments that I wonder if I have lost my mind. Funny how you can look back on frustrating times and laugh (after they are over!). I only wish I could laugh in the middle of them too. God willing, I will be more like Him and soooo much less like me. Looking back on how much I have changed, I see hope. I just hope I live long enough to see it come to fruition; it could be a while. :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I Can't Believe...

The other day Emiko said to me, "Mommy, I can't believe Nancy's dead, Annie's in the Hospital, Jennifer has Cancer and that Rachel lost her baby (miscarried)." Then she said, "let me count how many I Can't Believes that is." Today as I was crying to myself, I sat thinking about the things that I, too, can't believe.

I can't believe the Lord loves me, that He died for me, that He blessed me with my family, that He sought to give me James, Emiko and Chloe. That I have parents, grandparents and the best friends in the world. I have discovered as I have walked this difficult road these past 4 weeks, that my friends truly are a gift from God; that He prompts them to call me when I need them, that they unselfishly give of themselves to me, that they want to help and that they are willing to drop everything to do so.

In a world where I first learned to become dependent on no one, I have now discovered the joy of living in need of everyone. I need my husband, my daughters, my mom, my dad, my grandparents and my friends. But most of all, right now, and when I take my last breathe, I need the Lord. He gives my life meaning and fills my heart with joy.

Gotta Love Them Grandparents!

Hugs, Loves, Kisses and more! Cherish those special gifts from God; be they grandparents by relation or grandparents by adoption, they are a blessing to those around us. They mold us, encourage us, care for us and smother us with attention.

Annie Thompson has been a precious friend to us as our adopted grandmother and we are so sorry to say good-bye. Only the Lord knows how many prayers have been uttered on our behalf by her precious lips. She has showered us with love and we are so blessed to have had the chance to know her. Emiko would not be half the person she is today if it had not been for Annie's unconditional affections; she has developed Emiko into a nurturing, empathetic and tender person who has a genuine love for the elderly. I am indeed sad that Emiko will not get to continue loving you as she would like to and that Chloe will not have had the same opportunity to be touched and nurtured by your tender life.

Annie, we love you and thank God for the opportunity to know you. May you rest in peace. July 23, 2008

Click on the link to view photos of Annie.

Sunday, July 6, 2008


How can I be any more blessed? I have incredible friends, the most amazing husband and two fabulous kids. Thanks be to God for providing me with the most remarkable friends and family in the world (no offense, I am sure your family is great too, but...yes, I know, I'm biased)! I am not sure how I could make it through this difficult time without them. They are always there, always listening and always caring. Thank you. In case I don't tell you enough; I love you and value you tremendously. Be blessed, as you have blessed me.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Nancy Jean "Nanc and Ancy" Ingersoll

Nancy had a tremendous love for the Lord and she was a great spiritual mentor to many people. From the time I had the privilege of knowing her, until the final day of her life, she enjoyed a strong relationship and fellowship with the Lord. Though her walk, as with most people, I suppose, had a few ebs and flows, it was a constant upward trend that eventually peaked to perfection during her final months. Never in my life have I witnessed such faith, courage and peace. She will always be an inspiration to me and I hope my life honors hers by walking as closely with the Lord as she did, and as she mentored me to do these past 15 years.

She will always be remembered by her loved ones for her inviting smile and contagious laughter. Nancy had the best laugh, straight from the belly. It would make you smile just to hear her enjoy herself so much. It truly was contagious; how could you not help but to join in her laughter. Oh how I will miss those times of joy with her. She was a great listener and friend to everyone around her. Even during her final weeks, when I was experiencing turbulent times, she, a dying woman, encouraged me; what irony. She had a great concern for others and never failed to put their needs first. She was gracious, kind, compassionate and extrememly generous, both with her time and talents. Most of her friends and family could identify at least one item in their house that she had made, be it slippers she crocheted, a cross-stitch or a blanket. Nanc was incredibly talented and boy could she cook! She made some of the best food I have ever had the privilege of serving! Even still, I can hardly believe I will never get the opportunity to dine with her again. After eating together at least two times a month, and more often than not, once a week, for the better part of our friendship, our Friday Night Dinner Group will just never be the same.

I know that your life has a unique story that involves Nancy as well. Please share your stories with us and give others an opportunity to share in the joy of hearing your adventures.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Celebration of Nancy Jean Ingersoll

View the on-line pictures of my dear friend and mentor. I love you Nancy and will always cherish our special times together. You were a wonderful friend and mentor and I already miss you terribly.