God's Most Precious Wonders

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Latest GodSTOP Moment (that I recognized)!

We are talking about GodSTOP's right now in my Beth Moore, Believing God, bible study class. In keeping with TL's idea of sharing our GodSTOP moments, I thought you might appreciate reading this one.

One day this past week, Chloe and I arrived home from being out. I left her in the car buckled up for a while so I could do a few things in the house. My phone rang, but when I picked it up, no one was on the other line, and my Caller ID didn't display that a call had even come in. I thought it was odd and half-heartedly wondered if God was calling me to tell me to check on Chloe. As soon as I hung up the phone and concluded that thought, my car alarm went off. I ran outside and noticed Chloe screaming. She had gotten her big toe caught in the round ring attached to the zipper on the seat in front of her. I helped her out and asked her if she set the alarm. She said yes (smart girl!), and smiled at the thought that God had actually called me.


Enjoy this snipet from my friend TL and join us for the ride!

What is a GODSTOP??? The S.T.O.P. comes from the acronym: Savoring The Observable Presence. God makes Himself observable everyday, all around us! The secret is to slow down, take note, recognize His handiwork and presence and then revel in it awhile. STOP and savor the moment. A GodStop is any means by which God seems to go out of His way to make Himself known to you. Frequently we notice extraordinary GodStops in our lives; but our God is interested in orchestrating EVERY detail of our lives, from the most grandeose to the seemingly insignificant. An answered prayer, a "coincidence", an occurance that you recognize as MORE than a coincidence, even a disciplinary action can be a GodStop. ANY time you notice God's activity in your life and the world around you, it's time for a God Stop! Simply put, any way in which God discloses Himself to you is a God Stop! The more we learn to recognize and acknowledge his revelations and interventions, the more we can appreciate Him in His entirety. And, the more we will receive them!
Let's share our GODSTOPS with one another here as a way to honor our king and give Him the glory He so deserves. Also, when we share we encourage one another and spread the joy!