God's Most Precious Wonders

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Latest GodSTOP Moment (that I recognized)!

We are talking about GodSTOP's right now in my Beth Moore, Believing God, bible study class. In keeping with TL's idea of sharing our GodSTOP moments, I thought you might appreciate reading this one.

One day this past week, Chloe and I arrived home from being out. I left her in the car buckled up for a while so I could do a few things in the house. My phone rang, but when I picked it up, no one was on the other line, and my Caller ID didn't display that a call had even come in. I thought it was odd and half-heartedly wondered if God was calling me to tell me to check on Chloe. As soon as I hung up the phone and concluded that thought, my car alarm went off. I ran outside and noticed Chloe screaming. She had gotten her big toe caught in the round ring attached to the zipper on the seat in front of her. I helped her out and asked her if she set the alarm. She said yes (smart girl!), and smiled at the thought that God had actually called me.