God's Most Precious Wonders

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Nancy Jean "Nanc and Ancy" Ingersoll

Nancy had a tremendous love for the Lord and she was a great spiritual mentor to many people. From the time I had the privilege of knowing her, until the final day of her life, she enjoyed a strong relationship and fellowship with the Lord. Though her walk, as with most people, I suppose, had a few ebs and flows, it was a constant upward trend that eventually peaked to perfection during her final months. Never in my life have I witnessed such faith, courage and peace. She will always be an inspiration to me and I hope my life honors hers by walking as closely with the Lord as she did, and as she mentored me to do these past 15 years.

She will always be remembered by her loved ones for her inviting smile and contagious laughter. Nancy had the best laugh, straight from the belly. It would make you smile just to hear her enjoy herself so much. It truly was contagious; how could you not help but to join in her laughter. Oh how I will miss those times of joy with her. She was a great listener and friend to everyone around her. Even during her final weeks, when I was experiencing turbulent times, she, a dying woman, encouraged me; what irony. She had a great concern for others and never failed to put their needs first. She was gracious, kind, compassionate and extrememly generous, both with her time and talents. Most of her friends and family could identify at least one item in their house that she had made, be it slippers she crocheted, a cross-stitch or a blanket. Nanc was incredibly talented and boy could she cook! She made some of the best food I have ever had the privilege of serving! Even still, I can hardly believe I will never get the opportunity to dine with her again. After eating together at least two times a month, and more often than not, once a week, for the better part of our friendship, our Friday Night Dinner Group will just never be the same.

I know that your life has a unique story that involves Nancy as well. Please share your stories with us and give others an opportunity to share in the joy of hearing your adventures.